How to learn in the Clouds

The materials produced during this project are OER (Open Educational Resources) and therefore are made accessible to all.

  • manual to learn about the project, aims, teachers roles, training, evaluation etc.



  • tasks and teacher handouts for each thematic box in the four languages that were used during the project: English, Slovak, Hungarian and Serbian.

You will notice that the QR codes used for the hand-in application are not present in these tasks. To use the tasks with the hand-in application the collaboration with the project team is necessary, so please contact us by mail.

Also if you wish to use some tasksheets, but would like to make some small changes, or wish to translate them to other languages, we can share with you the word versions of the tasksheets, but you need to contact us by mail.

English – each BOX as a separate zip file:


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Slovak – all Boxes in one zip file:

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Hungarian – all Boxes in one zip file:

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Serbian – all Boxes in one zip file:

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